1. Support Hosiery is an excellent way to keep your legs in great condition. Particularly important when standing or sitting for long periods, and for busy legs.
2. Ensure your support hosiery is made to British Standards, like Elbeo, and choose the support level that’s right for you.
3. Ensuring you wear the right size is particularly important with Support hosiery, take time to get it right.
4. Though not proven, many people wear them as a precaution on long haul flights as they may reduce the risk of DVT. Anyone who is concerned about DVT should consult their doctor to receive personal advice.
5. Lift your legs several times during the day, avoid sitting with legs crossed for long periods of time.
6. Exercise your leg muscles, take the stairs rather than the lift.
7. Combine exercise with your leisure activities, walk or cycle.
8. Drink! Water is vital for a healthy body and skin.
9. Exercise gently throughout the day; flex, extend and rotate your foot whenever you can.
10. Eat sensibly!

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